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We produce oils, chocolate, energy bars, crispbread, probiotics, sprouts, mousses, creams, muesli and snacks ourselves in our raw food factory. All products are not heated above 42 ° C. Raw, organic, fresh and ... delicious!


Dora's opinion on raw food

Dora Blank - founder of Live Swiss

It seems to me that the best way to start a new healthy life is not to start a new diet on Monday that you stop on Tuesday. Just start slowly today. Complement your usual, but not always healthy, foods with new recipes made from raw, unprocessed organic products. These should be cooked at a temperature not higher than 42 ° C and they make the usual daily menu more useful, healthier and easier.

For my family and people for whom a good quality of life is important and the body should radiate health, I have developed my own brand Live Swiss - Premium Raw Food with vegan and raw food products.

Why Raw Food Is Good?

It can help with

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A raw food diet is probably the easiest diet for the digestive system. The digestion of such foods uses the body for only a quarter of its capabilities. This can slow down organ wear and tear considerably.


A raw food diet activates the restoration of worn out and diseased cells, improves well-being, improves mood and physical activity.


A raw food diet leads to the breakdown of excess fats, helps remove toxic substances and excess water from the body. Digestion and metabolism return to normal.

Womens health

The anti-aging effects and a significant improvement in appearance are the most attractive benefits of the raw food diet for women.

Weight loss

The normalization of metabolism, the breakdown of fats and the removal of excess water all contribute to significant weight loss.

Celebrities and raw food

Angelina Jolie
Demmy Moor
Natalie Portman
Uma Thurman
Jared Leto


"I have to eat raw vegetables for health reasons. I had real problems with that for a while, because I have never eaten completely raw. But LiveSwiss has actually made my life easier. My salads now always have raw oil good and healthy dressing! I feel full longer and have more energy! I was so fit the last time as a teen! "

- Monique Hale

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